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Friday, February 21, 2014

Feedback concerning the “Mondial de la Bière” 2013

You have been so many people to come to meet us during those 4 days in Mulhouse on the occasion of the European “Mondial de la Bière” 2013. A lot of our enamel plates are now out of stock, especially the "License IV" ones! 

A nice piece of information that the Breton will enjoy: the next “Mondial de la Bière” will take place in Rennes in 2014! Obviously, we will be there!

A very big thank to the Quebec and French organizing team

The main entrance

Stand of the Brittany brasserie: Lancelot

Ardamez stand: advertising plaques, signboards and tables enameled

V&B and the famous coveted "Levrette"

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