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Friday, February 21, 2014

Enameling and advertisement


The enameled sheet steel street nameplates have been created in 1847. Yes, the enamel use to promote brands started some years after, in 1885.

The enamel plaque knew its height during the first half of the XX century. All the chocolate, aperitif and drink’s brands had their products enameled. The products for auto, oils, fuel and other accessories also offered a large range of advertising items made in enamel.

Unfortunately, the taxation of the external advert will make them disappear in the 60s.

Enameled objects such as bistro tables, signboards or advertising plaques were massively used as a real communication support. Today, the product is not banal anymore but is becoming a wrought and original product.

Nowadays, those vintage advertising plaques are really successful whose the first collections appeared in 80s.

Maybe you are part of the “thirty glorious years” nostalgic collectors?

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